Career Orientation And Development

Choosing a field of studies or Proffession has always been a major problem for students and adults traveling abroad either for work or study. They are always faced with the decision to either study, Science, mathematics, Arts, or get engage in vocational training schools.

Visa Assistance

One of the main problem Embassies fail to grant VISA to apllicants, especially cameroonians is the lack of visa application knowledge , processing and expertise. Most people have no idea on the requirements to apply for a work visa, conference visa, study visa or tourist visa. These are common mistakes people do that leads to visa denial.

Financial Consultancy

Every one wishes to travel abroad for work, studies, invitation or tourism but not everyone can afford such a trip or stay in another part of the world due to inadequate finance. Finances is the fist thing to take into consideration when Travels are concern. Here at CAMTRAV, we give advise on budget anticipation.

Booking And Sales Of Flight Tickets

Flight reservation has always been a major issue when traveling is concern. Most people are ignorant of the fact that, flights can be book, reserved in prior before the date of travel. Here at CAMTRAV, we assist our client book affordable flights for them before time. we also help them purchase flights tickets to the point of destination with no ease.

Hotel Reservation And Airport Pickup

Hotel Reservation is one of the most crucial aspect of traveling especially for touristic purpose. when visiting abroad. You need to show prof of hotel reservation before you are granted access into the country. Here at CAMTRAV, we book and reserve hotels for all our clients be it for study, work or visit. we also make the necessary arrangements for pickup with the hotel reserved for you from the airport.

Admission into Foreign Universities

Getting admissions and Scholarship Abroad has been the major challenge of many Cameroonians. Its may sound simple but its not an easy process. Some people get lucky and admitted into schools abroad, but they will realize that the tuition fee is very expensive that they can’t afford. Getting a scholarship or a university with low tuition fee seams to be the only way out. HOW CAN WE GET A LOW TUITION FEE UNIVERSITY?

Documentation And Communication Services

For every successful travels, all documents needs tobe right. Any documents found faulty or which does not meet the requirements for travel, your application will be declined. At CAMTRAV, it is the job of the documentation departments to ensure all your documents are in tact before school and visa application. This departments also keeps records of all contracts signed between our clients and the organization.

Tourism in Cameroon

We provide you with first-hand information for your tourism journey including: 1. Information on tourism and leisure sites 2. Tour guide 3. Hiking

Study and Work Abroad Consultancy

We help you fulfil your dreams by supporting you to continue your studies and work in a country of your choice. We offer information services on the best and cheaper schools abroad, advice and guidance in promising fields, assistance in admission procedures in schools, research of employment contracts and letters of approval invitation, placement of staff, assistance in procedures for applying for a residence permit, information on international scholarships, and much mor

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